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Stillwater Pike & Perch Fishing

During the colder months, we offer excellent still water pike and perch guided fishing sessions in London. These sessions are run by fully qualified level 2 Angling Trust approved coaches. All our coaches and guides are top of their game and will be able to offer you the best day chasing these awesome predators.  Learn a multitude of methods to capture your new "personal best" fish and put you on target for your next!

Pike is the UK's largest native predator, they have a huge amount of needle-sharp teeth that need avoiding.  We teach correct handling procedure and safe hook removal methods and how to recover the fish properly in order to avoid damage to either yourself of the fish. Pike deserve respect!

Still Water Pike & Perch Fishing

  • Perfect session for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. 

  • Day tailored to your experience and skill level.

  • 4 or 8 hours of specimen pike fishing for fish up to 35lbs 

  • The only professionally guided pike fishing lessons in London. 

  • Fishing method is live/dead baiting and lures and jigs.

  • Full set up and tackle explained throughly. 

  • Client taught to find, feed, catch and handle pike safely.

  • Sessions delivered by professional level 2 Angling trust guides. 

  • Venues within 1 hour from central London with free onsite parking

  • Included are permits, licences, tackle and tuition.  

  • All fish returned alive, we only practise catch and release. 

  • Photos taken of your day and emailed to you after the event. 

  • Biggest catch goes into the Fishing London "Pike" comp

  • Totally private sessions. We do not mix groups. 

Click image to enlarge. 

£160 for 4 hours, £75 per person thereafter
£250 for 8 hours, £90 per person thereafter. 


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