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Head coach Lloyd becomes an official, Angling Trust & Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain, Pike fishi

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The Angling Trust and The Pike Anglers Club Of Great Britain (PAC) have joined forces to help develop and improve pike angling techniques in the UK.

Fishing London’s head coach Lloyd Morgan was one of the lucky 10 Angling Trust approved coaches to attend the inaugural weekends training over at Horseshoe Lake in the Cotswolds this weekend gone.

The intention of the AT and PAC is not only to teach best practise and improve fish handling and welfare techniques but also to teach coaches all pike fishing techniques and to be able to pass those techniques on to complete beginners.

Lloyd now joins the PAC approved coach bank which already consist of 50 coaches across the UK. Currently Lloyd one of the only PAC approved coaches in Central London.

As a PAC coach Lloyd will be working with individuals and groups at the beginners level to inspire and educate participants on how to safely catch their own pike.

Lloyd will also help the PAC at regional events offering his time for free for the further development of the sport.

Fishing London and Lloyd especially would like to thank The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain and The Angling Trust for their ongoing support and encouragement with our coaches personal development.

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