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With spring on its way its time to unveil our new, EXCITING, fishing adventures for 2015

We are very proud to announce two new addtions to our packages portfolio for spring and summer 2015.

#1 - Fly fishing for Pike at Chew Reservoir with Jon Shoreham.

#2 - Fly and lure fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout on the River Thames.

With the coarse fishing close season almost upon us it time to look for new adventures ans we have just organised these cracking days to keep you eye in while the rivers are out of bounds for Coarse fishing.

#1 - Fly fishing for Pike with Jon Shoreham at Chew Reservoir is sure to be a favourite with the Predator anglers. Chew is the Mecca of pike fishnig in the UK with more 30 40 lb being landed theere than any other UK water. Day like this just dont come up often. Here our clients have the chance to catch on of Chews legendary monsters. Prices from £175 for half day (5 hours) or £270 Full day. 8am-dusk.

#2 - Fly and lure fishing for wild salmon and sea trout. With the Thames cleaner now than ever there's never been a better time to try a hook up with one of these epic travellers. From March 31st to the beginning of August the salmon and trout run from up the Thames Estuary to spawn in the cleaner waters to the west of London. We try and hijack them on their way. All fish returned alive and well. Prices from £300 for 3 rods for a full day. Artilfical fly and lure only.

Check out these videos of Jon fly fishing at Chew last season. -

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