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Fishing London attends Super Fly Guy's 1st London fly tying event. 17th November 2014

Fishing London attended Super Fly Guy’s inaugural fly tying event on Monday at the Three Kings public house in Farringdon. A great choice of pub to hold this kind of event as they sell wonderful selection ales and quite cubby holes upstairs to hideaway from the chaos outside.

7 of us convened at the Three Kings at 7pm and after an arrival pint we ordered another to take upstairs ready to take our seats. The room was small but perfect, SFG’s vintage equipment looked really at home with the retro deco of the venue. It was warm and inviting, just like the beer..

Super Fly Guys real name is Bruno. A young charismatic character who you simply cant help liking. When he talks about flies and tying you can really see his passion. If you look at his work its really more like jewellery than fishing flies. Quite simply put, these are some of the finest flies I've seen tied.

Having only tried to tie a few times I thought it about time I gave it a real shot and after seeing SFG’s collection I knew that if I didn’t do it now I probably never would and would for ever be spending fortunes on flies only to lose them up trees!

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.55.30.png

Our first fly was the simple and humble buzzer. Tied quite simply with white thread it wasn't long before all 6 scholars has tied a reasonable look alike.

Another beer down, served this time with a beautiful house scotch egg, and the next hook went into the vice. This time we learnt to tie in a wire rib into another buzzer style fly. It was getting easier to learn the required techniques, but I put it down to the 3 pints of Tim Taylor.

Moving on to the third and final fly, we learnt to use dubbing, wiring and hackles which really transformed our flies from just simple patterns to really beautiful and unique creations, everyone had tied something a little different using different coloured dubbing and hackles. Without doubt each creation would catch a fish on it’s day on the water.


It was a marvellous evening with great company. Who knows, hopefully one day we’ll actually get out the try them on the water! All in all, I made some new friends, walked away with 3 resonable flies and the confidence to go home and try my hand at some more complex patterens.

Huge thanks goes to Super Fly Guy, AKA Bruno for his effort and creating a wonderful package. Highly recommend by Fishing London. You can find more on SFG and his events here and here

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