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Fishing Lessons for Londoners

With the summer holidays starting to take their toll, why not come and try a morning or afternoon fishing lesson?

Fishing London's aim is to get more people fishing and enjoying the lakes, rivers and canals in London. Fishing was a huge pastime here in the capital but in recent decades it seems to have disappeared. "Well, we're here to change all that, the fish are back and so are we! "

10 Reasons to learn fishing!

1) Learn a life skill you can take anywhere.

2) Fishing is the most participated sport in the UK.

3) Teach a man to fish and he can eat for lifetime.

4) Be at one with nature and the countryside

5) Learn to respect and understand our environment.

6) Enjoying fishing anywhere there's water!

7) Show off new skills to friends and family

8) Perfect social bonding activity.

9) Health benefits are proven

10) The "Thrill" - Only those who try know!

So what are you waiting for?

Session are perfect for family bonding experiences where everyone can learn together at the same speed and can then all move forward in your fishing career together. Its always more fun when you have friends ans family around while you learn and achieve new things.

Fishing is a pastime where your always learning, especially and even more so when your not catching!

Fishing London's fishing lessons will have you finding the fish, setting up your own equipment, feeding, catching, playing, landing, holding and safely returning your fish. We would expect most students to catch at least 10 each or up to 5/4 different species. Species include - carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, dace, perch and hybrids.

Take the first step in your fishing career now!

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