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CRT drains the Regents canal in East London for essential repairs and long overdue clean up operatio

The Canal River Trust have set aside £45,000,000 for the urgent repares and clean up of some of Londons worst effected waterways.

First on the list is the 1KM canal section between Johnson Lock and Limehouse Basin. This section currently has some holes in the brickwork some 2-3 foot wide allowing water to escape from the canal. While the canal is empty CRT have also decided to allow volunteer groups to help in the clear up. We wlll let you know as soon as CRT have released a date for the events.

CRT also released a video of the netting of the fish which showed a decent double figure pike being removed from the section. Workers also removed carp to 25lb as well as plenty of silver fish and a very large number of eels which surprised everyone as eels numbers have been dwindling in recent years. See video here

All fish were sucessfully relocated into other sections of the canal and they will all be able to move back in to their old residency as soon as the work is completed hopefully mid December.

Three cheers goes for the CRT for choosing to work on the some of the most scrap ladened waterways in the country. God know's we needed help!

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