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Our Thames River Fishing package is now live..

We are very proud to anounce that we finally have our River Thames boat package available for clients. Yesterday we went out on the Thames with our new guide to see just how good the fishing is. It was a fantastic day and as a result this will now form part of our perminent adventures.

This is how our day went -

As instruced by our guide Warwick we met at the mooring at 0800, the boat is the perfect fishing platform with plenty of space and a perminent bait well to keep all our live bait alive. There's a good selection of rods and reels to suit all abilites.

Firstly, we had to go catch our live bait so after a short walk into away from the main river to a little tributary. Walking through a residensial areas, past court houses and police stations we finaly made it to a litle gem of a river full of chub, dace, roach and pike. We quickly managed to fill out bucket with decent dace that our quarry loves so much.

While fishing this river, which cant of been deeper then a meter at most, I noticed a pike hanging around the weir. Suddenly the dace I'd hooked was visually locked into by the pike, I tried to glide the dace away from the pike but he was intent on lunch and after 4 huge changes of direction the pike nailed my dace which was only secured by a barbless size 22 hook. I played the pike for a few minutes and then managed to pull the hook free so he didnt need to leave the water. What a start to the day. To see all that action so early on in the day was a good omen. With the bucket containing enough baits we left for the main event.

Back on the river we set us 3 live bait rods and using the fresh dace we have just caught, we trolled through the some of the famous bridges of the non tidal Thames, not bringing any fish to the boat we decided to moor up and try for some Zander under a row of boats, within no time we were hit by a decent zander of about 7/8lb then a jack pike almost straight after. Things were looking up..

As time went on we moved further up river to try some other notable marks the guide has learnt over his 15 years on this splendid river. After a few quite spots we headed up to a weir complex and moored right slap bang right in the very centre of the weir. We managed to land another 2 pike in the fast moving water here. Just sitting in these weirs is an experience in its self, the noise and constant movement just add to the excitment of what might be below.

With the day running away form us we moved for one last time up into a non navagable tributary, We had to leave the big boat in the mouth of the confluence and boarded the smaller speed boat we have tied up alongside. With in 10 minutes we had made our way through a water forrest of trees and floating fauna to an open area with 2 weirs, Pike Heven!

Loading the 3 rods with our largest dace we cast out and seet the boat to drift us back towards the main river. Before we were able to cast out the final rod there was a explosion on the surface and the float disappered into the depths. It was a huge perch of 3lb12oz, This fish fell to the youngest mamber of our team Maisy who's only 5 years old. Bless her, biggest perch I've seen laned! Well done Maisy.

With just minuets to go untill we called it a day and right at the end of our drift my float went under, and after a tough battle with the fish staying very deep all through the fight we managed to land a cracking 15lb pike. Oddly this pike had managed to eat not only one of our baits but had nailed 2 baits and it also had someone else trace is its mouth. after removing all hooks the fish went back alive and I'm sure very happy.

As darkness fell upon us it was time to get out of dodge and back to the mooring. Motoring down the Thames at night is a real sight to behold and the perfect end to the perfect day. I cant recommend this adventure enough to anyone. I'll never forget this marvelous days fishing!

Fishing London's guide Warwick has over 15 years Thames River Experience. He worked tirelessly to ensure we were fishing the best spots at the right speed and the right times. His expert knowledge, skill and river craft ensurred we had the best day out. Warwick has a great temperment and is very personal. We're very confident you'll have a great time on board with him.


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